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Shark Fishing in Galway Bay

Shark fishing in Galway - The highlight of the sea anglers calendar!


Shark fishing is our speciality here in Galway, so much so that we named our company after it,




We are committed to making Galway one of the sharking capitals of Europe.

Shark fishing has been on the increase over the last few years in a big way.

This is mainly due to the numbers and size of shark (blue and porbeagle) that are showing up every season in our waters.

This increase in shark numbers is due to all sea fishing boats employing a strictly “catch and release” policy which was put into effect by Inland Fisheries Ireland so all species of shark are handled with care and are returned ALIVE.

We at Blue Shark Angling Galway are involved in the Irish Sport Fish Tagging program each year.

This helps us build new data every year to help shark fishing in Ireland grow.

We have spent a lot of time at sea searching for holding areas and gathering data on sharking in Galway.

We are lucky enough in Galway Bay to have a big number of blue sharks and porbeagle sharks frequent our waters in May and we get a steady run of them off the Aran Islands until mid November with the chance of a specimen shark very very possible on every trip, although we are confident that we will be able to have a porbeagle fishery from March onwards.

These voracious predators are at the top of our food chain and are the most adrenalin fuelled species to fish for in Ireland and provide great sport for our anglers.


The shark fishing in Galway is simply spectacular 

We have had up to 26 blue shark in one day with average catches being in double figures

Our biggest blue was 140lbs

With regards to porbeagles our best day was 4 fish

Our biggest porbeagle was 200lbs, and we can also boast the highest catch rate of porbeagles in Ireland for 2017 of 26 porbeagles


A typical day shark angling in Galway:

  • Leaving Rossaveal Ferry Terminal approx 8.30 am and return at approx 5.30 pm 
  • Our special mix of rubby dubby is pre-prepared by us
  • Frozen bait and rod hire is available
  • 5 people maximum
  • You must bring wet gear, wellingtons, and a packed lunch
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