Charter a Sea Fishing Cruise off the West Coast of Ireland and See What You Can Catch
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Reef / Ground / Specimen Fishing

Here in Galway Bay we have a fantastic reef and banks system, which is a fantastic habitat for many species of fish. This offers our anglers a unique opportunity to book a fishing trip when weather is not usually a problem as we can usually find some shelter in the bay. These reefs and banks produce catches for a lifetime for our anglers, whether a novice angler or a specimen angler chasing that one species to add to his tally in the Irish Trophy fish book.


Reef Fishing in Galway Bay

The reefs in Galway Bay hold an abundance of species, from tiny gobies to hard fighting conger eels and everything in between. On these trips we try to target as many species as possible but if you wish to target one species in particular we can cater for this also.

Deep sea angling trips in Galway have come a long way of late with more and more boats using lighter tackle, lighter lines and softer rods for better bite indication we have found that our targets are being achieved a lot easier.


Ground Fishing in Galway Bay

Deep sea fishing in Galway has always been focused more so on the reef fishing but we are trying to bring sea angling in Galway to the next level. Galway Bay has a very large system of sand banks and mixed ground marks -we have spent a lot of time researching new grounds over  sand/mud/shale and these have produced some great fish, from spotted ray to hard fighting tope. And we are currently on the hunt for our first giant Common Skate.

We have also found a lot of flatfish such as dabs, plaice and turbot. We get all 3 species of gurnard -Tub, Red, and Grey.

We have found a fantastic fishery for spurdogs with big number of catches each day, including many specimens, and we usually pick up some nice ray, bull huss, and tope along with them.

Tope also frequent the bay from May onwards throughout the summer. These fantastic predators offer our anglers some great sport and are a top target for Irish Sea Anglers.

These Species are to name but a few.


Specimen Angling in Galway Bay

We here at Blue Shark Angling Galway have recently featured in the Irish Trophy Fish specimen book, and we strive to put Galway on the map for specimen anglers everywhere. In the 2017 specimen book we featured 3 specimen Spurdogs.  And we have had many very near specimens such as Ballan Wrasse, Tub Gurnard, Pollack and Blue shark, this will show the potential Galway has for the specimen angler. We are aiming to add to this tally year by year and to keep Galway Bay in the Specimen book each year.

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